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The sex results aren’t that surprising, nor are the money results.People like to think they’re less shallow than they really are.Movies, fishing, ice skating-whatever your hobby may be, this site has someone else who likes it too.You can search for other singles by activity, but perhaps the best feature of this site is that you can post a specific activity that you'd like a partner for (for example, going to the movies or a concert) and choose a date from the people who respond.Just 2% believed money makes the best first impression, compared to nearly half (42%) of respondents that put personality in the number one slot and 22% voting for sense of humour.

Instead, the study reveals that singletons value their own first impressions far more.“In those first few seconds that somebody looks at you in a restaurant, bar or a photograph on a website, they’re only seeing a glimpse of you; but to them, that represents everything they know about you.


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