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Are there fundamental flaws that made this result — the upcoming sale of assets, likely shuttering of various businesses and probably the ouster of former Silicon Valley wunderkind and current CEO Marissa Mayer — inevitable? The valleys were CEO departures and the peaks were the injections of optimism attended by each new CEO face.From co-founder and former CEO Jerry Yang to Timothy Koogle (I know, but he was there in 1998, before we even knew how to Google) to the fiery Carol Bartz to the Hollywood gleam of Terry Semel to Scott Thompson to, finally, Mayer, each leader has struggled to find the strategic path forward for the company. In 1996 Yahoo was primarily an “Internet Navigational Service.” By 2012 (during Thompson’s brief tenure), Yahoo become a premiere digital company.


Prior to her coming on board, the parking lots were often empty in the morning. A Yahoo engineer I spoke to at the time was especially excited. As we sipped on company-supplied cups of coffee, one PR person insisted to me that she was not simply saying this because it was her job: People were really excited and feeling good. The problem with doing that is that she often failed to communicate with Yahoo's own audience. is sold off in pieces and Mayer exits, there will be those who question whether or not she was the right choice for CEO. Her track record at Google and its enduring influence on many of the key products we use to this day (search, Gmail and Google Maps) makes her resume almost billions  Was she, perhaps, too in love with media to make tech Yahoo's focus, a strategy more along the lines of Google's — leave the content to everybody else?Of course, hardware is a tough business (ask Google) and that strategy might have failed as well. She could have built a Siri for Yahoo and even an Amazon Echo-style gadget to go with it — before Amazon.Of course, hardware is a tough business (ask Google) and that strategy might have failed as well.Ironically, there is now a decent chance that the two companies may become one under Verizon.

That fresh-again rumor sent me back to the archives to try and understand how Yahoo got here. Reading though Yahoo stories over the last decade-plus Is the equivalent of a digital roller coaster ride.

It’s been ever-present in our lives for more than 20 years, but like that cousin whom you only see at family reunions, no one, including Yahoo itself, I fear, really knows it.. ) had the benefit of being first in online search in 1994, but it didn't hold the lead very long.


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