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Strong doubts have been raised concerning BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung(26)’s absconding without notice for his Japanese fans.

The doubts have been started after BEAST’s Grand Fanmeeting held in Seoul, Korea on September 12.

The source says the two were introduced to each other, which was set up by 2NE1’s coordinator, Yang Gang. P debuted in 2006 as a BIG BANG member, and have since seen much success with lies, last farewell, day after day, fantastic baby, and more, with BIG BANG rising to become a national boy gruop.

And then they are head over heels in love together. I think its like that.” ㄴ On the Radio, “Lee Sora’s Gayo Gwang Jang” ㄴ His world of art is too profound to understand ㄴ CL’s Ideal Type ; It was drawn by Dara According to posts on Korean online website, CL’s partner has been dropping hints about their relationship by sharing photos of their matching items to match that of CL, among other suspicious behaviors. ↓ ㄴ He is preparing an exhibition in Japan, and it will be held at Artscience Museum on Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, from April 3th to June 28th. He has expecially earned much popularity as an idol-turned actor.

:: Some of netizens are suspect something between them.

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YG held a party at CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s new restaurant in Hongdae on June 4. They have couple items ; Leopard printed jackets, Badges, T-Shirts 5. Actually, its rumor has been trending on Twitter despite being unconfirmed. P (1504210) created his first-ever SNS account for Instagram. P insta post with a selfie which looks like a Krystal’s picture. ↓ ㄴ Some netizens are recently picking up the Dating rumor after T. P uploaded a picture of one girl with her back; One of the photos concerning his exhibition, from the back, the woman looks like Krystal. Just like the Bomi Kai ship or the Suho Another Apink member ship, there’s no actual base to this. If top and Krystal date, many felt that it was wrong of the two to openly display their affections for each other through posts disguised as if they were addressed towards fans on the SNS accounts they had opened to communicate with fans. The group earned much popularity and attention after the release of electric shock, becoming a rising star in the hallyu wave.

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