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Danielle, in Sydney last week, was also happy to discuss babies - 'I'd like three, but maybe after I've had one or two I'll decide that's quite enough' - but less keen to discuss who the father might be.

'We're not engaged at the moment - (Russell and I) are just kind of hanging out and taking it as it comes, as anybody does.' As you'd expect from a Crowe plot, the love affair with Danielle is a complex and tumultuous story of epic proportions.

Still others think the “Noah” star is simply struggling to find his way as a lonely, soon-to-be-divorced dad.

“At the end of the day, no one thinks Russell has a clue what he wants,” said a source.


Crowe, it is claimed, punched him, broke his thumb and sank his teeth into his neck.He joined him for the premiere of A Beautiful Mind in Sydney and Melbourne and accompanied Crowe to see his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team in action.Plenty of time, then, for the potential son-in-law to seek a certain blessing.He says they have loved each other for more than a decade and have remained in constant contact.

'Russell and Danielle have never stopped caring about each other even though they first got together 12 years ago,' says Don Spencer, a former presenter of the BBC children's TV programme Playschool.

Don Spencer won't be drawn, except to add: 'He'd be a great father.



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