Where to touch a girl dating boob tips

While breast cancer is rare in women under 30, it's better to have it checked out to be safe. Some girls have dark nipples while others have skin-colored nipples, depending on your genes.On the same note, your nipples can be smooth or wrinkly or somewhere in between, and all are totally normal. Inverted Nipples Everyone's nipples are different, but if you want to get technical, there are actually four different kinds of nipples: normal (your nipples just stick out a few millimeters), flat (your nipples don't protrude at all), puffy (your nipples are flat except the areola is slightly raised), and inverted (your nipples turn inward). The bumps are just little glands that secrete oil to help keep your nipples from getting chapped when you're breastfeeding.When it comes to your breasts here's what's normal — and what's not. Many girls grow wispy little hairs on their areolas (the darker circles around the nipples), and how many you have depends on your hormones and your genes.


If the difference is more than a cup size, see your doc to rule out a hormonal imbalance or other problem. Everyone's breasts are different, and having small boobs is awesome.

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