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"I do blame him because if he was on top of everything then this wouldn't have happened," she told host Linzie Janis.

"He keeps saying, 'You just got to move on from this. I need to let it go and move on." Teresa and Joe were sentenced to 15 and 41 months in prison, respectively, after pleading guilty to fraud in 2014.

On a side note, they carry a measly 17-year age difference. In fact, many of them, providing they are with younger aged men, end up on the wrong end of the trophy scandal.

Nordegren was a beautiful Swedish former nanny when she ran into Tiger Woods. Vanessa Bryant – Staying Power When Kobe Bryant was launching up to NBA stardom, a young girl caught his eye – as in a 17-year-old girl.

It looks like a rap video with scores of beautiful women as far as the eyes can see.

Certainly, this stereotype will never go away as long as certain types of women who are looking for celebrity status and a life of luxury are around. History is ripe with “sugar daddy’s” and trophy wives.


They have been featured in reality shows together and Coco has admitted she enjoys being “a slave” to her husband. Sklar later claimed that she and her husband were going through issues.

Men of fame and power oftentimes enjoy the perks of their perceived power. Some women have a tendency to migrate towards men with money and stature.

It’s as inevitable as the birds flying south for the winter.

"I was honest and told him that I opened up and how I've felt about everything. "And it was just very therapeutic for me." "Now I feel a lot better," she shared. Hopefully when he comes home things become better and stronger for the two of us." Teresa and Joe share daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana.

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"I did what a lot of others do, you know, if their husbands tell them to sign something, they do that." "We're going to start living life again and see what happens," she added of Joe's future release. They can't go back to the way they were." Teresa also addressed her anger toward Joe in her memoir, , which debuted Tuesday.



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    It was really kind of a special little slice of life that brought me where I am today.

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