Webcams no registration


No, we're not talking about X-ray vision, thermal cameras or millimeter wave scanners.It's something a lot less expensive, and the peeper doesn't even have to buy it; it's already in your home.Once they're in place, they're a great way to keep an eye on kids, aging parents and possessions.Plus, they're really not that expensive, as you can see from the ones I sell in my store.However, many people don't follow the directions when setting them up and don't change the default username and password.This is a problem because hackers know the default login information for every gadget on the market.Just remember that when setting up any type of new gadget, always change the default information, especially the password.

There have been plenty of news stories over the years about pervert hackers spying on women and even kids in their bedrooms.

If you've ever had a tech support agent get on your computer remotely to change settings or try to fix a problem, they used a RAT.


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