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It is higher in the upper-to-middle class ABC (69%) than in class D (45%) and class E (41%).Regardless of whether they knew of the bill before, or learned of it during the interview, the survey asked all respondents if they favor it or not, and found 71% in favor, 21% undecided, and only 8% opposed [].76% want family planning education for youth To the test statement, “There should be a law that requires government to teach family planning to the youth”, 76% agreed, and only 10% disagreed [].Support for family planning is high in all areas: agreement is 78% in Balance Luzon, 77% in the Visayas, 76% in Metro Manila, and 72% in Mindanao.profile and post your messages to fran, which are read to her by close friends and family members.if you know fran—and we're sure many of you do because everyone knew fran and fran knew everyone—please join us in praying for her full and speedy recovery, sending positive thoughts, and shouting out, wake up, fran!!!It showed pretty much what we knew from yesterday – that there were areas on the wall of her heart that had lacked oxygen and this prevented them from functioning properly, so her heart isn't really functioning properly, period.


Support for both family planning education and for passage of the RH Bill is very high among both Catholics and non-Catholics.

A repeat of the ECG and a 2D echo was done this afternoon.



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    I knew this man 40 years ago as we worked in the same agency for two years but never dated.

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