Value of updating to whirlpool

Stacking two or more pedals, is like cooking up the finest sauce. Smaller, typical bedroom setups are often better matched with overdrives with more midrange and compression.

Colorsound Powerboost/Overdriver It doesn’t really get more Dark Side, WYWH and Animals than this.

Never too bright or harsh just the right amount of top and low end and a hit of compression.

The pedal also works nicely on brighter amps and smaller bedroom setups and of course, it’s the perfect companion for your ram’s head style Muff. Bedroom setups: 10/10 Gilmour tones: Ob C, DSot M, WYWH, Animals, DG78, Wall, FC Gilmourish.

Com score: 10/10 Vick Audio Overdriver The Overdriver is, as the name implies, a clone of the US version of the Powerboost, the Overdriver.

Of all the clones out there, this one is perhaps the closest to the original design, with a super transparent and glassy character, lots of low end and plenty of gain on tap.

Com score: 10/10 Buffalo FX Power Booster This is a faithful clone of the original 18v Colorsound Powerbooster with the same headroom and tube-like tones.



David Gilmour, and others like him, often combine or stack two or more gain pedals.It does’t have as much headroom as the Buffalo or Thro Bak but with the gain cranked all the way up, it’s got the smoothest sustain of them all.


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