Updating old t shirt

Pin and sew along the edges of the T-shirt you have trimmed, remembering to turn the man's T-shirt inside out prior to sewing.

When you have finished, turn the shirt right side out, so that the seams you have sewn are on the inside.

There are easy ways to make your man feel important, and he will appreciate your effort.

From telling him how good he looks to giving him a wink and a smile, you can brigh[More] While most men love home-cooked meals, back massages and the occasional surprise present, the best thing you can give your man is an extra shot of confidence.

Altering and embellishing men's T-shirts to make them more feminine and flattering will ensure your outfits are unique and suit your personal sense of style.


Skill le[More] When you invest time with a guy, you probably feel that he is committed to you.

And the repercussions of his wounded ego could have broad effects, contributing to conflict or discor[More] "Curious George" is a series of classic stories as well as a movie.

The Man in with a Yellow Hat is a key figure in the Curious George stories and, without him, George would not be able to explore his curiosity.

This costume project can be adapted fo[More] While you may not be able to control whether a guy feels that you're the one, you can certainly present yourself in a way that highlights your best attributes.

Show that you're a wonderful, smart, attractive woman and he'll have trouble not falling f[More] It's inexpensive and easy to create a man-eating shark costume by using household items or making a few small purchases at a local craft, vintage or fabric store.Customising and updating your old clothes can be an innovative way to revitalise your wardrobe.



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