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It required quite a bit of Java Script on the Form in order for the filter to work correctly and if you needed to make additional modifications later on… Good news…in CRM 2011 filtered lookups are simple, and you don’t have to know Java Script to create them.In addition to being able to filter on Related Records, you can create Filtered views and have the Lookup use it as the default!For more info, see Add an index to a Share Point column.After you index a column, you can add it when you create or modify a view, and then use it to filter the view.For example, if you want to return Dogs from a large list of animals.


However, if you have a query size = large OR color = red, though database may find all the red items, it must scan the complete list to find all the large items.

Example 2: In CRM, I have multiple “As always, make sure to publish your changes to make them available to the users! Hope you find this helpful – and don’t be afraid to reach out to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts at Power Objects!

Filtering reduces the number of items displayed in a view to just the data your want to see.

You could also search for cats and dogs with the query Class = Mammals AND (Species = DOG OR Species = Cats).


The second query selects all Mammals, and then filters to Dogs and Cats. (Very Common request)Step 1: Access the Account form (From your Solution or Main Customization Area)Step 2: Open the Form and “ field to access the Attribute Properties, then scroll to the bottom of the Field Properties window to adjust the properties of the Lookup!



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