Ueno juri tamaki hiroshi dating

With a calmer head, I rewatched the earlier seasons of Nodame. While I found pictures of Ueno Juri weird and Tamaki Hiroshi super ugly (I know, what was I thinking?

), one day I finally decided to give it a go, since I kept hearing it was so great.

I watched your movies , and i very like you in Nodame Cantabile and it all began when i met you and disappointing husband.


I couldn't stand even 5 minutes of the first episode, you know, that scene where Tamaki Hiroshi is just sitting thinking about his past and fate?

My brain kept screaming "NO, NO you are not the perfect lovely Chiaki that I know, this is a disgrace!

While I do understand why most people might find a personality like Nodame annoying and want to kick her face not only if she existed in real life, but even as an anime character, I love her infinitely. I can't really name one favorite Jdrama of all time, but if you forced me to give an answer, it would most likely be Nodame.

And most people would most likely think I need therapy for caring so much about a fictional story.


Of course shippers of this onscreen couple would feel like a dream come true if they were to date, and it has actually already happened that an onscreen Domyouji and Makino dated. ONE DAY I WAS SEARCHING ABOUT HIM I FOUND A PICTURE OF HEAVENLY FOREST. he acts very well......................................i hope to see you soon in japan tamaki-san...... Something is afoot in Johnny’s tightly run ship, that or he’s given up trying to keep under wraps the long rumored and much eyewitness accounts of the dating relationship between Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun and actress Inoue Mao.

Of course this would be gossip fodder in any context of two top stars dating, but place it in the world of and then it takes on a whole new squeeworthy meaning for shippers the world over.I'm obsessed with him now, just can't get enough of his handsomeness. He is a multi talented actor yet can sing better..i love him as chiaki senpai in nodame cantabile so funny when juri and him are together even i always dreaming that they will be together in a real life.cute..mukya i love tamaki so bad!! it was great but he looks too thin he should gain more weight i think.



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