Topics to talk about while dating

If you like him and you not clicking at all, even after trying several techniques to strike up a conversation with him, this might be an indication that it is time for a deep soul searching and reevaluating your feelings.

Sometimes you can just be trying to prove that you haven’t been single for centuries, or that you’ve dated someone hot/a model/the CEO of Apple…however cool you are trying to make yourself look, your date is more likely to be thinking they can’t compete – or perhaps even considering asking your ex for a date. Assuming we have already been talking for a while before our first date and that included all the basics and all the open ended questions.

You might not like his genre but most guys like talking about movies they have watched.

A common misguided notion is that men like action and horror movies rather than comedies and romance.


Going by the idiom "first impression is the last impression", it is very important for the man and the woman to leave a lasting impression on the other one, the first time they hook up, for the meeting or the date to turn into something concrete.Though it might be uneasy for you to talk about other women, if you look at it from a completely different perspective, it will be very comfortable.


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