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There is no metaphorical Instagram tool good enough to cover up the real you once you're in a relationship. Whether you're dating, mating or Netflix and Chilling alone, being single is the tits.Sure, they might be a psychopath, but they might also be absolutely pant-wettingly funny. They might already own a Siberian kitten, saving you a few hundred pounds and a month of litter training. You've got your own, independent life to go back to. Why pay for the cinema when you can watch that new movie at home? In a sea of other friends, both male and female, who do not enjoy it, she's in the minority. I know of sturdy relationships that have broken down completely thanks to inbox snooping.Dating I don’t miss, but the excitement as to what you might be about to uncover I do. You can stop being dainty and order that massive fuck-off burger you've had your eye on for weeks. "Like I'd just taken out some false teeth or something. That being said, the absence of anything at all is suspicious in itself.“I’m a very sensitive individual and take everything to heart and carry it with me for what seems like forever,” she explained.


Because the grass is always greener, and even the happiest halves of couples miss the excitement of dating and the me-time of singlehood, and even the most independent lone wolf can see the value of having someone around to perform the Heimlich if required. Quite a significant part of me is jealous of my older siblings.Either you're looking for a lifelong partner who, to quote the late, great Alan Rickman in "Love Actually", you want to have 'lots of sex and babies with'. I have another single friend who swears that the best sex she's ever had has been with total strangers one night-stands.


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