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“This is because the radiation emitted by the sun is so powerful it may cause long-term harm to the retina."He added: "While there will be a full solar eclipse in the US, we will only have a partial eclipse in the UK, and in some ways this can be more dangerous as many people may feel that they don't need the same protection as they would do during a total eclipse.” 10.55am: American town revs up for eclipse The small southern Illinois town of Carbondale - a few miles north of the point of greatest duration - is revving up to become eclipse central.

Many residents have been capitalizing on the celestial blackout, from renting out their homes to creating eclipse-themed merchandise.

The 70-mile path also passed through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

Meanwhile, a partial solar eclipse was visible across the UK just before sunset as the moon appeared to take a "bite" out of the sun.

Artist Matt Sronkoski has been selling hand-painted eclipse T-shirts for months and said he had created hundreds of individual designs.

5pm: NASA live stream begins The NASA TV preview show began at 5pm BST with coverage of the totality from 6pm BST.Met Office forecaster Martin Bowles said: ""From a meteorological point of view it is not looking very good because of the cloud - most people won't be able to see a thing."There will be some breaks in the cloud in the south-west of the country - South Wales and south-west England - there will be enough breaks that people who are looking specifically might be able to see a little chip out of the corner of the sun.” 10.05am: Clear skies in Oregon raise hopes of good view In Depoe Bay, Oregon, clear skies on Sunday raised hopes that the corona would be visible and not obscured by coastal haze or cloud.


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