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Assistant District Attorney Dan Sparks removed the written reprimand from her file.AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS COMMISSION, Workplace Relations Act 1996, s.170CE Application for relief re termination of employment, Kocsis and Charles Sturt University (U No.Chamberlin admits that, on her own time and with discarded chemicals, she tested her husband's underwear at the state police crime lab for DNA. In doing so, she misappropriated state facilities, breached protocol by not destroying the materials used, and falsified laboratory logs by omission of her actions - all of which compromised lab integrity.Cole, in his 70s, testified as an expert for more than three decades on the effects of alcohol on driving.Resume provided that he had a degree from the University of California Berkeley in Premedical Studies. According to reports, after a lengthy federal investigation, Crippin is "facing felony charges including theft of more than ,000 and embezzlement of public property.

Testified that he found high-velocity impact blood stains on a night gown that were invisible to the naked eye.

27 allegations of misconduct, some involving potential perjury.


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