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"And at that point, the judge has no idea what (the victim) looks like, and they're thinking, 'Well of course you're going to say that.'"Lanning, who continued consulting with law enforcement and other agencies following his FBI career, said the public still grapples with cases that don't fit black-and-white scenarios of sex offenders and victims."Society prefers (to believe) all the children are good and sweet and innocent and the adults are evil, but there are so many cases where that doesn't fit," Lanning said.


Post-Crescent Media found that those convicted of child sexual assault involving victims between 13 and 16 years old received significantly shorter sentences than those charged with first-degree or repeated child sexual assault, which typically involved pre-teen victims."I think sometimes we, as a community, are a little harder on teenage girls than we ought to be," said prosecutor Andrew Maier.

If a 15-year-old has sex with an adult, they're a victim in the eyes of the law because they cannot consent to the act.


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