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His so to speak, would be complimenting a woman on her outward appearance, offering to buy her a drink, making a few sexual or romantic innuendos and following this up with light touches on the hand or knee.According to the French man, the reactions were varied but not satisfactory.


Take note that the following is solely based on my experience and experiences of those associated with me.Beautiful stylish décor adorns a bar in central Haarlem. Pop music is playing in the background and people are in little groups laughing and talking.It is a typical central Haarlem café frequented by people (mostly tourists) of all ages. so the laughter, music and talk is till civil and mellow.It is not really obvious that it is a smile (compare; Mona Lisa smile), it is more like an acknowledgement. Men and women behave the same way; a woman could have done the same thing if she wanted a man. I did not get this, nor did I view this as flirting.

I pride myself in being social and friendly so I flash a friendly and genuine smile. I am pretty sure the French and Italian men (notorious flirts) would also beg to differ.I notice someone gazing at me from across the room. My friend calmly reminds me that I am in the Netherlands now.


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