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and is no longer needed V6.15.0 Yaz Ser V Change Main window taken out clear voice button - as no longer needed Security fixs Added On settings added Connect code - for use by external admin's Change Chat Server (for Login into Yahoo on yazak for PM's) Changed old ones to new ones as below Yahoo discontinued old ones old: XXX = 201-220 cs ac4.cs XXX.p1ac4.cs XXX.p2ac4.cs XXX.p3ac4.cs XXX.p4ac4.New: XXX = 110-120 cs cs XXXp1.us1gq1.Added Chat Room Menu ...Links Mumble Voice how to setup Change Updated Voice in Chat Room to work with Mumble in place of Yahoo voice servers automatic starts the correct mumble voice server ( if there server has it setup ) When you click on Mic icon 6th May 2013 V6.14.0 Yaz Ser V Change Updated to work with Mumble Voice Note you need to set the Mumble Link URL for your room voice in settings You can get the link by Right Clicking your room in mumble and selecting Copy URL and pasting it in.Refreshing Chat Room on Server List This will instantly refresh your room on server list normally refreshes every 6mins On Settings Allow Voice option Uncheck to Not Allow voice in your Chat Room Default is Checked to Allow voice Users receive message that Voice is not allowed if unchecked Bugfix's Chat Room Menu Links After Cali's World index was wrong and stopped Freecreed & Wikipedia not working Chat Room Menu Extra Toys ...External Programs Don't allow open External program twice Added To Links Menu ...Fixed Trivia bot posts on next question Alert is sounded ONLY and not when posted scores or welcome to room messages Added Make Alerts act as used to with Triva posts, by adding: @trivia, to Preferences page1 Alert me...text, Note make sure is very first word on there and seperated by comma Added Trivia posts don't set off alert now if have username ect as alert and trivia bot post score with username in it Trivia bot posts next question Alert is sounded now.Please wait Test1 connection from distant IP Test2 Connection to self from external IP: Test1 Failed !!!!Can't be reached from world connection Test2 Passed!

Added Serial id Added Save last selected web site lister Change limited font to 10 (6-9 was to small) in chat room Added on Yz Taskbar when mouse left button clicked on extra popup menu item Close Popup Menu Changes on Yz Taskbar when mouse over to show following: Username Right button to Talk Left button Menu Changed Help Menu...

Warning of possible porn bot link on first link posted on pm's (use to ignore link) as no longer needed Added Room PM's you can now PM users in the rooms their in.

Note once ither of you leave chat room PM's stop functioning.

Ignore Testing Connection Results ..removed as not needed (might put back if needed) Added On Yazserv List Chat Rooms window ..

Added Popup menu when you Right Click Room Name on list or Right Click on Join Room button Join Room Local Host - Must be your room ...ID' changed link to better one Fix Male/Female face show correctly on chat room users lists Profile button on chat room fixed View ..


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    The sunrise-to-sunset fast cuts down on activity during the day, but the daily protests have been largely nocturnal affairs, and some observers expect the Islamist camp will likely use it to rally its base.

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