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No one is seeing that homepage you’re seeing except for you.Also, the less you did to even get into this situation, the less the chance you’ll be exposed for the world to see. Simple: Out of the hundreds, possibly thousands of girls who have fallen victim to this deceitful ploy, one that “just flashed a boob” is likely not going to be worth his time and trouble to post.

Below are the more common occurrences going on at these types of sites and the dangers therein.1. Apparently, having random strangers pop up on a screen on the off chance they’ll get off to seeing him get off is very appealing to some guys.It’s essentially digital rape and it’s rampant on the Internet on these types of sites.Whether it’s a roulette-style thing that pairs you with strangers, or a new addition to your streaming video chat room, these guys are everywhere.Stickam was more dedicated to live, streaming, user-generated chat, video and content, while Omegle follows the path of matching two random strangers from anywhere in the world.

Stickam is now shutting down, but not before hundreds, possibly thousands of screen captures were taken of unsuspecting girls and women thinking “private” actually meant private.

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    These cams are just as easy to watch and use as any other cam show on this site.

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