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their movement ceases, the spirits disperse and align themselves along the corridor, half welcoming, half poised to attack.

he moves deeper into the catacombs, recalling the beacon from moments before, and holds it in his mind…

The traveler, glancing over the controls, looks to the view screen, from out of the darkness, a beacon pulses, first subtly, then more pronounced as the ship intuitively obtains a lock..

smiling, the Star Lord motions toward the view screen, and the ship glides down towards its target..

in an instant he is materialized into the depths of a dark gothic corridor, the guardians spring to life, moving toward his position..


There were like-minded people wishing to experience more roleplay beyond what was happening within CR, and our Queen Jade was supportive of the RP group existing within the larger family. A: There were several events that happened around the same time, which prompted Satoria to break away from the main clan and start off her own new group. At the time, CR was very wild, dark, and highly competitive.

pacing slowly, ritualistically, towards the center of the craft..

a rift opens in space in the bottom of the floor, and he steps into it..

the air rings with the silence of her teleportation, his senses search the air for her presence, his nose taking in the essence of her scent, he licks his lips to taste what remains of her….

with a gesture, he calls to his ship, which opens the portal to lift him up, rising through the arched ceiling of the structure, up through the sky, he returns to his ship, his head swirling with the images of the past few minutes, he smiles in meditation, awaiting the time where he may be with his Liege once again…

Atrum Infero will long be remembered, mentioned in whispers, murmured from the sleeping mouths of those who continue her dark dreams.


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