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I LOVE working with Joanna and I love what she did with this design – including this brightly-colored invitation for the hunt!

For our After-Dark Scavenger Hunt, we have 3 unique scavenger hunts – each with their own challenge and task!

In this game, the group will race to find symbols cards. Once they have found all of the symbols, they can use the printable decoder to real a secret message! Three unique scavenger hunts that you can do after dark with your family and friends!

Since the place for the group to write their answers is black, consider providing a fun neon gel pen to write in the answers! Grab some glow sticks, print these awesome (and free!

Specifically, she wanted to plan a scavenger hunt for us.

And we don’t just have one hunt – but THREE completely different scavenger hunt challenges! Scavenger hunts are super fun on their own, but add the challenge of a nighttime hunt and you have yourself an evening of fun!

All of the hunts featured in this post were designed by the ever-so-talented Joanna from JAB Creative Australia.

She assured me that she wasn’t ugly and I agreed to her proposition quickly.


I was looking forward to having a date planned by someone else and the mystery of it all was more than intriguing.

As I photographed the gum and coffee, an employee named Raphael asked me if I was a photographer. “Just doing it for fun.” He then engaged me in conversation about photography for a few minutes, saying that his friend was really into it and that you need to have a good eye to be successful. Though I couldn’t find Raphael, I was able to find a raspberry Snapple, which I greatly preferred to peach.


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