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After you supply information about your past schooling, such as your high school and college information, search for former classmates who may have posted old high school pictures on Facebook.

Photos can be found in the personal albums of your classmates or in groups specifically created by classmates. The website displays information from various schools and includes old photos provided by your fellow classmates who are current members.

Do you want to see your school picture from the 11th grade?


To register, go to the registration section on the website.Having been sliced and diced by this same process in his own life, Mr.Mc Conaughey understandably plays Ed with a vengeance, and with slyly raffish style.It also helps that most of the principals (in a cast including Ellen De Generes, Elizabeth Hurley, Rob Reiner and Woody Harrelson) and the director himself have been here and done this in some fashion.

A funny ensemble cast clearly savors the absurdity of what unfolds here in an affectionate, rambling comedy whose ideas about deranged media needn't really brook comparison with ''The Truman Show.'' ''Ed TV'' doesn't aspire to such a cool, conceptual overview.

She will begin studies for a second master's degree at the University of Greenwich in London in 2011.


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