Russian dating marriage traditions

The same belief makes girls adopt a passive attitude in relationships, expecting that the man should be the one trying to move the connection forward.

The younger is the girl, the more romantic and destiny-oriented are her aspirations.

Ask her what she believes about life, dating, relationships, and marriage.

Then you will know if she is one of the “very traditional-oriented” women, or a “rebel”.

After the couple has applied to the department of registration, they are considered as being a bride and a groom; but Russians do not talk about being engaged, they say "They handed in the application".

I have a good friend, who has married a Russian woman, and I believe that browsing through your site has given me a better insight into her background and some of the obstacles they will face in their future. No rings are given; no one is informed about the event excepting closest friends and family.

I will describe here an average wedding, the type all my friends and family had. If the man is gallant, he will give his lady flowers, but this is not mandatory.

In Russia and Ukraine, it’s believed unattainable to meet a partner who could satisfy the requirements of reason and at the same time fall in love with him. As you can notice, relationship beliefs of Eastern European ladies are very traditional, similar to the ones of housewives of 1950’s in the western world.


Sure, there are some Ukrainian and Russian girls who believe in more equal and balanced relationships but even they have been brought up on those traditional principles, which still affect them. They believe in personal development and self-improvement, which are supposed to help them to land a good husband and fulfil their Destiny (to be a wife and a mother).

If you are dating Russian or Ukrainian women online, it would greatly benefit your relationships to know their deeply-ingrained wants, aspirations, beliefs, and hopes.


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