Rebound dating

Without someone to do nothing with, the days are suddenly so creepily long. who do I text when I’m hungry to ask what I should eat for lunch?After my last relationship ended, I remember thinking: “Wait . ” I hadn’t made that decision by myself in three years.You will most likely find that the attraction wears off after a while, and then you will be facing another breakup, hot the heels of the last one.8.You are not really yourself after a breakup Another problem with rebound relationships is that you are not the real you for a few months after a breakup.These are not good reasons to be starting out on a new relationship and here are ten more very good reasons why rebound relationships are not a good idea.1.You are vulnerable However strong you might think you are, you will be at a vulnerable point in your life straight after a breakup.This often happens when people are afraid of being in their own, but it won’t lead to real happiness in the long term.4.



The time just after a breakup would be better used rediscovering the real you and standing on your own two feet for a while.

It’s unfair to the other person You really are playing with the other person’s emotions when you date them on the rebound, and they are quite likely to get hurt.


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