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"As parents we're told - often by our own kids - that we've just got to live with it, that the world has changed.

But we don't have to - and our Let Girls be Girls campaign, the Bailey review and the new retail code of conduct show the power ordinary people can wield when they speak out forcefully on forums like Mumsnet against the pornification of our culture." Like many others, we're worried about the long-term impact of this trend.

We're also wary of appearing tacitly to endorse an item, simply because it's not yet been drawn to our attention.

However, this is a learning process for all of us; it's possible that some retailers might slip up - so please do let us know if you see products which concern you.

We were absolutely delighted that so many high-street names agreed to take the lead on this very important issue.This campaign aims, not to remove children’s control over their sexuality, but to give it back. But we thought that our collective ‘consumer heft’ could be a good place to start, so we worked to influence the products that were being sold to our daughters, in the hope that the next generation of women will be better able to choose who they want to be. Of course, the premature sexualisation of children is not driven only by retail and marketing.And clearly, sexualisation doesn’t only affect children: many Mumsnetters feel that women too are, to varying degrees, affected by the sexual culture we live in. Music, TV, pop promos, newspapers and lad's mags are all in the dock – but turning back the tide of pop culture felt like a big ask, even for Mumsnetters.In this situation, we'll first ask Mumsnetters what they think, and if there is a broad consensus that the product in question does sexualise children, we will raise the issue with the retailer in question, and work with them to resolve the problem.

If an acceptable solution can't ultimately be found, the retailer's accreditation could be removed. Major retailers who have signed up include Bhs, Sainsburys, Primark, Matalan, George at Asda, Tesco, Next, Boots, Clarks, Debenhams, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Boden, Sweetling Bras, Booths Supermarkets and Mothercare."This is not about prudishness or hankering after some rose-tinted picture of childhood.



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