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Check out the homepage for reviews, excerpts, and a detailed outline.As a former Starbucks barista (actually I worked the drive thru), I can honestly tell you that no one at Starbucks really cares about giving away drinks. When you work at Starbucks, it’s hard to ignore the fact that you are working for a gigantic multi-national corporation that is putting local coffee shops out of business and charging you for a cup of coffee. I’ve work at the busiest starbucks in california for about two years (also a drive-thru), and we give out free drinks the moment someone starts to complain.Example: “Yeah, um, this is a caramel latte but I actually ordered a vanilla latte.” Of course you really did order a caramel latte but the person who took your order is busy (you’re at a busy *$ remember? Rule number 3: Purchase something small and then act like a patient, confused customer waiting for his coffee beverage.A bolder extension of rule number two is the real/fake purchase scam.Rule number 4: Wait by the bar like a snake and grab a drink that has been sitting there for more than 3 minutes.At busy stores the inefficiencies in the system cause a lot of duplicate drinks to be made.

I pay for my drinks but have “accidentally” stumbled on these field-tested rules.starbucks has a just-say-yes policy, so prety much anything the customers says goes. Does anyone think that perhaps part of the reason the beverages are so expensive is that there are so many thieves stealing that it jacks up the price?Here’s some tips: ask for a free sample of some over-priced drink every single day, or say that you have a special deal with the company that allows you to get free coffee. we’d rather give away free crap then waste time arguing. That, and then having multiple employees, even at a low pay rate, means you have to sell a lot of stuff to break even, much less make a profit.You first need to order a baked good from the cash register person.

After she gives it to you in a bag, mill around for about five minutes and then go to the barista and say, “Have you made a grande white mocha? They will look at their cups and see it was missing, and then promptly add yours to the queue.Bang is the book I wrote after swimming in game for six years after college.



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