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However, this time the array is placed within a while loop such that the variable actually becomes a different array of values through each loop until all the rows are extracted.

In the above the results are just been echoed to the screen - however you might find it useful to stash this data away in an array ie: The above examples are all well and good but the real point of mysqli is to create a prepare statement that can be used to safely send a query that includes externally derived values through to your database.

It's a lot of learning to do, but this video course will take you there!

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The bind_param() method is then used to attached the variable to the position placeholder.

We only have one integer value in the above example so the bind variable is flagged as 'i' for integer.

The above uses a 'lazy' SELECT * - ie give me all the fields from the database.

Here again we pass the SQL into the mysqli's query method and again extract the results into an associate array.


I tried to keep the training entertaining, and NOT boring, but I also made sure to pass on some of the hard lessons I have learned over the years in my consulting business.Generally it is tidier to store this information in an include file for easy editing and reuse.The following is a good starting example: method will pick up any error and print it back for us.Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM (

Learn to customize FMSP, write scripts, and understand File Maker…(The include also does some tidying up of the superglobals by stripping backslashes that might have been applied by magic quotes.) Tip: Your may consider removing the error handling once the connection is made Save the above with a .


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