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Discussions surrounding existing challenges with the RCAF LLP would not be complete without considering the five-step process (see Figure 1Top of page Though positive results have emerged from efforts in the first three steps of the process, we continue to struggle with gaining the necessary traction within the realms of Endorse and Direct Change and Act of Change.

Few results stemming from these steps and Change Analysis as a function of Step 3 have considerably slowed our momentum towards achieving lessons learned.

Much has happened in the RCAF during the past three years.

Command teams have rotated into and out of office, and organizational charts have been revisited and modified.

As listed in the Commander RCAF’s implementation directive and further described in the lessons learned campaign plan, the LLP is being executed in four phases: The RCAF LLP must be validated before steady state can initially be recognized.

The intended course of action to determine any deficiencies and/or best practices with programme implementation is for CFAWC to lead in the development of a validation plan.

While strategizing the transition of the RCAF LLP into phase 3, the A&LL Branch has begun the important process of reviewing and updating the B‑GA‑005‑780/AG‑001,.Although these programmes are unique to each environment, all rely on the chain of command to steer implementation and execution, assisted by qualified lessons learned staff officers (LLSOs).The goal of these lessons learned programmes is also the same: the pursuit of organizational cultural change so as to become effective learning organizations, with a Canadian Forces warfare centre in the middle, focused on taking an active role in joint lessons learned processes.Finally there was focus, a need for establishing lessons learned staff structures as well as developing strategic- and operational-level plans for collecting information commensurate with the Commander RCAF’s needs.

CFAWC, as the RCAF lessons learned centre of excellence, provided on-call mentoring assistance to the cadre of wing LLSOs, through its Analysis and Lessons Learned (A&LL) Branch.Often misused in terminology, a lesson learned is declared once a change is put into effect as a result of analysis and the intended results of this change are then validated.


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