Parents dating after death spouse


When my husband died I told the children I would never get married again.

I felt this way until approximately 18 months and when I met the right one I started dating again and married him.

Anyone so insensitive to ask you out or want to go out with you while the coffin is till warm is probably not the best choice for a date.

well I think if you really love somebody out of respect for that person you should talke things slow get your mind together things taken care of. It bothers me that he still celebrates holidays, birthdays etc with his in-laws.

I think from all I have read that after the death of a spouse it is wise to wait for at least a year to make any decisions.


I’m part of the sandwich generation, so how do I deal with living with my daughter’s family?

For example, if the parent and adult child are—or were–argumentative and critical of each other, they risk bringing that kind of relationship into the adult child’s home.

The surviving widows, adult children and grandchildren should develop together new guidelines of behavior and words—and post them in the kitchen.

For example, widows might be expected to take care of their own linens or buy their own food.

Often, the widowed parent moves in with the extended family because he or she requires assistance with living.It’s not unusual for surviving spouses to move in with adult children and family.


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