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She wasn’t comfortable with her smartphone, so she couldn’t use the app–based ride-share services like Uber that many seniors use, leaving her pretty much stuck — until Boogaard created Go Go Grandparent, a service that lets you call a ride on-demand from Uber or Lyft using a landline or cellphone.Go Go Grandparent acts as an intermediary between the ride-sharing service and the person who needs a ride, and works for both legs of a return trip as long as you have some type of cellphone.So Go Go Grandparent is able to communicate with the driver, we oversee the ride, and we make sure that it goes off without a hitch successfully every time.So, we do have a lot of folks that have smartphones, It was my grandmother’s idea.The company has spawned copies, including We find that about 30 percent of our callers do have smartphones, but they rely on Go Go Grandparent because the way that Uber and Lyft are set up, there’s more to it than just having a smartphone.These apps rely more on the passenger to hold up their end of contacting the driver or walking down the street to get to the car, and for 85-year-old folk that just might not work.



Martin added: “The spirit of 25,915 isn’t one of fear, but of hope and opportunity.

The family member can communicate to the driver to let the driver know the rider is in front of the store, they have groceries, they’re going to need some help with those, are you comfortable with that?


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