Nishikido dating

Before the go on Maru's date, the cameras cut back to everyone in the viewing room and they take a moment to discuss members' tasks and to reflect on the experiences shown so far.Yoko says that he was the first ("call each other by your first names") and he asks how that went.Ryo says that he's worried because he's not good at wake boarding.But of course, that totally seems like a lie since he surfs a lot and he probably has pretty good balance.Maru says that he's thinking of a place that involves animals, but they're trying to figure out where.Ryo says that he knows a place in Chiba, so Ryo will take them.




Ryuhei-kun can do it." I don't know where Ryo got that megaphone but he instructs Maru how to get up but as Maru tries to stand, he loses grip, so they try again and this time it's all good.

" They both turn around and their shirts say "suki" but Maru's ends with a question mark ("love? The camera cuts to the guys and everyone laughs like crazy.


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