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I’ve dated the late 20’s chick who had the college degree and full-time job.I dated the college chick with all sorts of innocence that came from a really good upbringing.The baby on the left has a genital nub that is at an angle that is greater than 30 degrees, so it's probably a boy.It's also beginning to look like a penis and scrotum.And the older you get, the more experience you get…at least in theory.So maybe it’s safe to say that the people who read these types of blogs are pretty mature overall? We all know the 28-35 year old dude who is still living at home and playing video games and doesn’t really seem too interested in personal development.By 13 weeks, your baby will be able to curl up and perform acrobatics so getting the right angle can be very difficult.Being told the sex and then finding out later that it was wrong can be very distressing.


In girls, it's more horizontal to the body, at an angle of less than 30 degrees.We also all know the chick with the OD strict parents that dominated her life until she had a ring on her finger.When it comes to relationships and handling the stuff that matters, they can appear to be “a little bit behind.” As I go to holiday parties, clubs, bars, mixers, and other social functions it just seems like people really are all over the place with where they’re at in their lives.However, it's very unlikely you'll get to know the sex at a routine dating ultrasound.


Most scan machines aren't high-tech enough to see, and there won't usually be time for the sonographer to wait for your baby to be in the right position.Take a look at our animated video that shows how your baby's genitals develop.


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