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You know, you’ll see Blake with a crowbar, but you’ll see Cary with five policemen backing him up. It’s all going to come to a resolution around episode 17. He’s always been able to navigate his way through life and he’s confident he knows the law. Can you explain why everyone on this show always says “phone” instead of “call”? And that’s when his friendship developed with Alicia.



He can also choose to confront Mike, which will make Emily impressed by him.Emily and Matt stumble upon Ashley and Chris, who inform them about Josh being sawed in half.Emily demands that they head to the cable car station to get help.You’ll see him taking it upon himself to protect her. I liked that one episode in the first season when he was on mushrooms with the girl.


It’s a balancing act, because he has to figure out how to keep his job, please Childs, and protect his friend. I think Cary understands the law so fully that he feels he can go into those dark areas with Blake without using force. He was fired from that job and immediately got another one. That was a way for him to show he’s human, make a mistake and come to terms with that.

” That could have been cocksure Cary, but I felt like maybe he did feel very alone going to a new job by himself. No, no … I’m grateful that on a lot of casts I’ve gained friends for life. I have a small group of friends, and I just, uh, feel fulfilled by the people that are in my life. The main thing is that the “C” is silent, so it kind of starts with a “Z.” Z-O-O-K-RIE.


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    Hudlin left the project after the Fox deal fell through, although Mc Gruder and Sony Television are contractually bound to continue to credit him as an executive producer.

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