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At her plant, which was about as long as four football fields and connected to a separate birthing barn, she was one of 12 to 15 workers tending nearly 1,000 pigs each, which is par for the course in these places.Employee turnover was high and the morale rock-bottom; the animals paid for it in blood.Tyson spun the matter further by adding, through a spokesman, that it had cut ties with Premium.Nonetheless, karmic justice was rendered when the cost of chicken feed helped cause Tyson’s net income to plunge 42 percent in the second quarter of this year.Young and hung, blonde Johnny is the perfectly proportioned man.

Since it takes weeks or sometimes months to develop a case – and since groups like HSUS have pledged not to break the law – these bills are stopping watchdogs in their tracks and giving factory farmers free rein behind their walls.

“The workers were so stressed that they beat the sows during the weaning process and moved ’em back to the breeding barn,” Sarah says.

“Some moms would resist and these guys would just pounce, three or four kicking and punching a sow at once.

It’s the worst job she or anyone else has had, but Sarah isn’t grousing about the conditions. We’re sitting across the couch from a second undercover, a former military serviceman we’ll call Juan, in the open-plan parlor of an A-frame cottage just north of the Vermont-New York border.

The house belongs to their boss, Mary Beth Sweetland, who is the investigative director for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and who has brought them here, first, to tell their stories, then to investigate a nearby calf auction site.My first day there, I saw a sow break her leg trying to get back to her young.


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