Japanese dating and marriage traditions


Less than 3 percent of Japanese remain unmarried; however, the age of marriage is increasing for both men and women: early or mid-thirties for men and late twenties for women are not unusual today.The divorce rate is one-quarter that of the United States. The nuclear family is the usual domestic unit, but elderly and infirm parents often live with their children or else in close proximity to them.Of all the rules in Japanese courtship, one of the most significant is punctuality.Meeting times are sacred and the failure to honor them is consider grounds for the end of a relationship.However, there are still some which are preserved and followed.Some of the dating and marriage practices and their changes include: or men.

These two arrangements are understood today not as moral oppositions but simply as different strategies for obtaining a partner.To learn more about the beautiful and interesting Japanese dating and marriage customs and traditions, read and follow the article below.Previously, interracial marriage is closed to foreigners, but with globalization and advent of technology some of these practices transitioned and changed.Most often, their parents hire a match maker to find a suitable partner for their sons or daughters. With the advent of technology, beautiful Japanese women can meet their men virtually through the Internet or by texting through their cellphone.

However, their decision as to who to meet should be approved by their parents.This is usually followed, if all goes well, by further meetings of the young couple and ends in an elaborate and expensive civic wedding ceremony.



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