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Although the slave population in the 1670s and 1680s never exceeded roughly 9,500, by the end of the seventeenth century imports of slaves increased the black population to at least five times the number of whites.Thereafter, Jamaica's blacks did not increase significantly in number until well into the eighteenth century, in part because the slave ships coming from the west coast of Africa preferred to unload at the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.


Spain never recaptured Jamaica, losing the Battle of Ocho Rios in 1657 and the Battle of Rio Nuevo in 1658.The third chose to join those who had previously escaped from the Spanish to live and intermarry with the Arawak people.Each group of Maroons established distinct independent communities in the mountainous interior of Jamaica.They survived by subsistence farming and periodic raids of plantations.

Over time, the Maroons came to control large areas of the Jamaican interior.However, the Spanish repulsed this poorly-executed attack, known as the Siege of Santo Domingo, and the English troops were soon decimated by disease.



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