Internet killed the dating game


In 1972, Alcala raped and tortured eight-year-old Tali Shapiro, then beat her to within an inch of her life with a steel bar - but she survived.

Unfortunately, her parents wouldn't let her testify against him, which might have led to a longer jail sentence.

His last contact with the scam was in June 2009 and he died on August 13 when he was hit by a train and suffered multiple injuries.

An unsent text message to "Rose" was found on his mobile phone after his death.

in 1978, and even managed to be "Bachelor Number One," despite the fact that he had already killed several women by that time.The ex-partner of a man who committed suicide on a railway track after he lost around £82,000 in an internet dating scam described those who targeted him as "vultures" today.


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