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Take a short scenic drive along the Ocho Rios coastline to the world famous Dunns River Falls, where you may climb or view this magnificent 600 feet water fall, or just hang out at the nearby beach instead.Next do an optional stop at Jimmy Buffet's Margarita Ville, where there is a Sports Bar & Restaurant, duty free shopping, roof top whirlpool, water slide, pool bar and a powdery white sand beach with water sports activities.Zesty food, turquoise water, and amazing weather year-round are just a few motives for the Jamaica-bound.

You will finish your tour with a stop at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville, the Harley Davidson store for some shopping before returning to your cruise ship or Hotel.After you are finished we will take you for some river tubing adventure before returning to your resort or Cruise Ship Pier in Ocho Rios.



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