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We're comfortable with our bodies, we love sharing our thoughts and feelings, and we're not afraid of being abandoned or unloved by the people we care about. There are a million reasons why love may not come our way that easily.We may compare ourselves to others, wondering if we'll measure up, be cheated on or left because we're not smart or exciting enough.It seems so natural and easy to imagine gliding along on the magic of love forever, but how often does that happen?The truth is that intimacy takes being comfortable with ourselves and our relationships, and for some of us, that's an easy order to fill.The Honolulu Fire Department said the firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion and has since been released.Paramedics also treated more than a dozen tenants at the scene for smoke inhalation. With the elevators down, firefighters were using human chains to get equipment to crews on high floors.



Resident Ron Chiaritino said he lives in a unit about 30 feet from where the blaze was centered and could see black smoke billowing from his neighbors' apartments.All three were residents of apartments on the 26th floor.



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