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This was our choice at the Lawrence Public Library.

Our local radio club members had most of the equipment we needed and and borrowed or built almost all of the additional items.

ARISS then assigns a mentor to help you through this process.

The major decision that will need to be made is between two types of contact: a Telebridge or a Direct Contact.

A thrilled teen who had earned his radio technician license with us, and led a sci-fi book club, had the honor of asking the first question.


It includes creating a related educational program, drawing up an equipment plan, and establishing a contact day and time. The websites provide links to K–12 lesson plans and other resources from NASA and past participants.

The first stage of the application—the education plan—is a chance to look for engaging programs that connect to experiments being done on the ISS, in the U. Local science museums, colleges, and clubs may also have related research they would be willing to present at your library.

Our educational plan for teens included creating container gardens to grow plants being studied on the ISS; earning our radio technician licenses; and meeting with our local astronomy club to watch the transit of Mercury.

I had a wonderful time getting to know our local club members and was constantly amazed by the breadth of their skills and knowledge.

After your educational plan has been approved, your local radio club will take the lead in creating your equipment plan (stage 2 of the application).

A Telebridge contact requires very little equipment or cost.



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