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Try your best, like, REALLY your best, to not have the song from “Ren and Stimpy” running through your head when you dine in Indiana’s oldest restaurant, and instead try to think about the history of the place as an old stop on a stagecoach route from Evanston to Vincennes.

Or, you can just stop thinking so much and enjoy the family-style comfort food that even got Abe Lincoln to stop by for a bite.

In what might be the best Halloween restaurant ever, this historic Tombstone eatery now serves up a varied menu of steaks, potatoes, burgers, and bar food as well as Mexican standards in a building once known as The Bucket of Blood Saloon.

Which is creepy enough, until you realize Virgil Earp – kind of the Frank Stallone of his era — was shot on the second floor.

Since Chicagoans have associated eating with drinking since the city’s founding, it’s no surprise the oldest bar in Illinois is also the oldest restaurant.

Well, apparently the ENTIRE MIDWEST cares about this place, as when a 2007 fire gutted the restaurant, people ran charter buses from throughout the region to help rebuild it.Which, at 94 years, makes it only slightly longer than the Redskins’ championship drought.


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