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The next night, the nearby Oinopoleion was just as good.

And, thanks to Sam’s tips, we dined in the cool, comfortable garden and were served complimentary white wine made at the restaurant owners’ winery. We capped each night at the rooftop bar and lounge at Attalos Hotel with drinks, dessert, and a killer view of the Acropolis and Parthenon bathed in spotlights.



C., but the most famous one was built for the goddess Athena from 447 to 438 B. Standing in front of the Parthenon, our eyes followed the towering marble columns — some fluted, others smooth — 34 feet skyward to what’s left of the crossbeams and triangular pediment they once supported.

It was like that for each of our destinations, with the hotel owners and managers providing sightseeing and dining recommendations and arranging transportation to or from the airport or ferries. I usually cram our itineraries with historical sites and other sightseeing spots, adding some shopping and R&R to keep everyone happy.

But this was Rebecca’s show — her bucket-list trip for her 25th birthday.

As we approached Santorini, the pilot warned that high winds were at “the limit of the plane” and that we might need to “divert,” though he didn’t say to where.

Fortunately, we landed safely, and within an hour we were lounging at our hotel pool.I was surprised that this architectural marvel, though a World Heritage site, is not one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


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