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Last week though, the river was unbelievably tranquil and still, with no wildlife action at all.

The light and colours combined with the stillness of the water was breathtaking.

It's mesmerising to watch the water move at such a rapid rate right under your feet as you cross the bridge, but also a little overwhelming after a while (you can see/hear it on You Tube to get what I mean).

I felt a certain relief at leaving the frantic movement and noise behind me and walking gently along this really lovely, familiar riverside path.

I'm thinking we probably walked about 4 or 5 miles in total, which equated to around two and a half hours of very pleasurable Riverside Wandering.

There were a couple of times during that afternoon where I just stopped walking, stood still, closed my eyes and turned my face up to the sun.

There is nothing nicer than spending time with family, wandering around amongst all this sunny, green open space.

I love this little patch of Planet Earth so very much.

As we were all still very firmly in holiday mode we didn't manage to leave the comforts of home until after lunch, but the blue skies and bright sunshine made for a glorious afternoon to head out into the Yorkshire Dales for a stroll.

We've been enjoying some stunning seasonal weather here of late, with the sort of bright, crisp, cold sunny days that make Autumn feel like a true pleasure.


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