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" Perhaps the question is, "What is the line of infidelity crossed at which point your relationship would not likely be restored?

"Speck said: Matthew "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." This is utter nonsense to use this definition out of a book to define what is unfaithful.

We've seen literally thousands of comments and social media posts about the tangled web of former CIA Director David Petraeus' career-ending affair.

Readers are talking about politics, the timing of Petraeus' announcement and possible long-term impact.

The word faithful implies that you have a strong unwielding FAITH in your relationship. But presence in a relationship is less tangible, but much more important. It will psychologically devastate you because of having to hide the secret always, and it will destroy her and your family if it was discovered. This includes watching porn or even flirting with another woman in a bar away from your wife.

My wife came back from going out with a friend to hear music at a club almost a year ago.

When the home bed isn't a place of sin, then one will get his sin elsewhere. cause she will become older sexually faster than he ever will . The answer to all of this is simpler than anyone wants to admit.

Petraeus' case is very obvious .chick in question is hot and highly sexual .. Unfaithfulness is not honoring the commitments that two people have made to each other.

So we posted a survey on Facebook asking readers where that line of unfaithfulness begins.My own husband went this way and believe me, he created that desire in his head first, nursed it and went through with it. It's a choice, a choice of putting your own desires and lusts ahead of everything else and that starts with the consideration of doing so first.Cheating start with a wife pretending sex ins't important. This said, not always lack of good sex at home is a wife's issue, but that's where things start going wrong.I think the rule of thumb, as others pointed out, is thinking about "would you do this action in front of your spouse? "Unfaithful" usually starts by simply not being present, either physically or emotionally.

" If an extra-marital affair is even a consideration, you have veered away from "faithful" long since. And often enough, lack of presence becomes distance, then more distance, and then sex. Unless you're Bill Clinton in the Oval office, you KNOW whether you're had it or not.Wednesday, the majority of respondents said one may stray without ever making physical contact.


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    Like several other western states, Utah actually has more men than women.

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    He hugged me for a very long time after reading my letter. But at least we can move forward honestly and openly. In addition, I get to share guy interests such as sport, competition, etc with the person I love. But I think we end up somewhere on that spectrum a result of DNA, chemical make-up, formative experiences, relationships with parents and family, our upbringing and the strong belief systems imbued in us about what is normal, right / wrong. I don't think you choose - who would choose to be seen as abnormal, inferior, less?

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    Dan zou ik het ook lekker vinden dat je mijn kutje dan nog even goed en lekker schoonlikt.

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