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Over the course of their testing, GLa DOS tries to drive them apart in various ways, only to fail each time.

She eventually concludes that they simply lack the capacity to betray each other.

GLa DOS then hatches the eggs in a specially-built relaxation vault, and begins to treat the newborn birds as test subjects, observing that they are the perfect "killing machines".

To facilitate their humanization, they were given their own personalities, and clearly anthropomorphic designs and behaviors.

GLa DOS reassembles ATLAS and P-Body, informing them that they are 100,000 years in the future, where testing is just a form of art.

After they explore several of her "exhibits", the disassemblers break down and she reveals that it's only been a week, all the humans are dead, and someone else has plugged themselves into an old GLa DOS chassis and is trying to take over the facility.

Consequently, they have never been solved by a human. You don't know pride, you don't know fear, you don't know anything.

For instance, the results of the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test tell that ATLAS is brave and fearless, willing to take on any challenge, while P-body is inquisitive and sensitive, examining the situation with care before proceeding, however, the co-op intro shows the opposite.Gameplay-wise, ATLAS is played by the host of the co-op session (the player who sends an invitation), while P-Body is played by the guest (the player who accepts an invitation).Play Station 3 players are automatically assigned as the host during cross-platform games, to prevent use of the console by the PC player.As said above, the robots were designed with anthropomorphic personalities to facilitate their humanization.

These personalities are expected to develop during the course of the game.

GLa DOS mentions that she had been working on the Cooperative Testing Initiative before Chell escaped, (it is assumed she means the second escape, when Chell escaped with Wheatley, as she says "It was nothing personal, but you DID kill me, fair's fair.", showing that she could not have meant the first time Chell escaped in Portal). and decided that he no longer needed to keep Chell and GLa DOS alive for further testing, as the replaceable robots could serve in their place, leading him to try to kill his current test subjects.


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