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'Despite the terrible shock she underwent, she was keenly aware that her husband expected her to produce a son and heir.' To Johnnie Spencer, dynasty was everything.

And Frances knew it - no matter where she turned, she was reminded of the Spencer family's 200-year-old peerage and her responsibility to further the line.

The experience shattered the 24-year-old woman, who was already deeply religious.

Miscarriage 'She barely left the house after that,' I am told by someone who knew her.

And he was completing arrangements to move into a house in London's Regent's Park with Ginette, bringing Isabel and Manes to live with them.

Meanwhile, that winter, Frances was 120 miles and a whole lifestyle away, grimly trying to get pregnant again.


At that time, it's fair to say Goldsmith was a sex maniac.' Mistresses Well, that could be said of most other times in his life, too.

After leaving Eton, he had set himself the task of becoming a rich man, using the pharmaceutical industry as his vehicle - developing medicines and selling on the companies.

Playboy lifestyle Now James was on a roll, living in a suite at the Ritz while in London and with Ginette Lery when in Paris.

In the month when Frances became pregnant with Diana, James was shuttling back and forth from Paris to London.

Aged 27, he was furiously in pursuit of a deal to buy a chain of 28 pharmacies while going through a tumultuous time with his French companies, being forced to defend the very serious accusation that he was importing sub-standard medicines.

As soon as possible, the Althorps resumed marital relations and, within weeks, Frances was pregnant again.


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