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The 'You Tube Phenomenon' For many experts, this shift comes as no surprise.

"It makes sense to me because the amount of free resources available on the Internet where people can do a quick Google search makes a huge difference from what was available in 2011 or even earlier," said John Linfield, executive director for the Institute for Financial Literacy.

"It doesn't matter what you need to know -- if it's how to rewire your house or how to build a budget -- you can find a four-minute video online on how to do it." Despite growing up around more technological resources than older generations, many millennials still say mom knows best, just as they reported in 2011, and that's not a big surprise, according to Linfield. In several demographic categories, mom was just the fourth-most popular answer behind yourself, your spouse and your dad.

"I think self-help has more to do with age than with education," said Elaine King-Fuentes, founder of Family Money Matters, a nonprofit financial education organization.

Twenty percent of Americans aged 30 to 49 said their biggest familial financial influence was one's self.

But the tendency was greatest among those who are 50 and older -- 36 percent said they relied on themselves, almost twice as many as the second-place answer (19 percent said their spouse).



Overall, the older the respondent, the more likely he or she was to claim self-influence when it came to finances.As a digital-only subscriber you will have unlimited access to the e Paper and Ralston Recorder content. As Americans arm themselves with bouquets of flowers and heartfelt greeting cards to show moms extra love this weekend, one thing won't be on as many minds: mom's money lessons.A poll commissioned by Credit found adults no longer consider mom their strongest financial influence.

Instead, Americans say they rely more on themselves when it comes to developing financial habits and money management skills.Talking about day-to-day money matters with a spouse was the most popular response for both genders and all races, education levels and those with annual incomes higher than ,000.


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