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More than 12 Tinians were members of the “Friends Society” (“Filiki Eteria”), while the island was a valuable refuge for the persecuted Greeks and refugees.The discovery of Virgin Mary’s holy icon in 1823 (January 30) was considered a good sign for the right of the revolution and has been a blessing for the island ever since.CCTV Camera Pros can help any business or organization plan and launch a successful live webcam.We have equipment for any environment including outdoor cameras for very hot or cold climates.Note: if adds popup on the bottom of the video screen, you can turn off the ads by clicking the x button in the upper right of the ad popup Mykonos Island is one of the most famous of the islands in Greece and is a very popular holiday resort for tourists.Mykonos Island is has great nightlife, a beautiful capital, and fine sandy beaches. Hora is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns of the Cyclades.All areas of the hotel have free wireless internet (Wi Fi).


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The architecture of Tinos is highly influenced by the period of Venetian domination.

It is impressive that the island was perhaps the last part of Greek territory conquered by the Turks, after repeated failed attempts.

Whitewashed buildings fit closely together to form a maze of narrow alleys and streets.

Mykonos Island has many well preserved windmills and tiny red-roofed churches.

The following public webcam is streaming live from the Island of Mykonos, Greece.


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