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They just moved into a new place because they're expecting a kid. Don't get me wrong, I've tried dieting and working out. Their was a lot more food on the table then usual so I ate it all and then my grandma came in and said "you have a good appetite today"and then told me that the little kids she were watching arrived. I have never been skinny although I have been skinnier . I woke up and my grandma came in and said that she had volunteered to watch 4 little kids for a friend for 2 times a week. and I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I live in Texas, and i have a twin.

Tonight was the party, and my fat *** is absolutely glued to this computer chair. I find that my problem is that I simply love food way too much. I have always had big boobs and hips, I have always bene tall. Today I got bombarded by some jerk who wanted to call me fat and disgusting and that anyone who would love me must be... " or "you look pretty." I know that they say it out of kindness, rather than honesty, but I don't need kindness right now, I need honesty. They preached ‘Respect for your food.’ And ‘Appreciate your abundance.’ If we had leftovers, we put it in the fridge and that was what you ate before your next meal. So my first story (this one) i just want to explain myself.

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I like the way I look, I got curves lol just not always where i want them :/ but I still like it. It's not something I do often but I've always been able to do it without much difficulty- until today. I am looking for a feeder to make me fatter and fatter. I guess I don't look that fat because of how tall I am. A little about myself: I'm twenty and I'm from New York. I love eating and stuffing myself and feeling my fat body grow. I've got stretch marks just about all over my body, especially on my stomach, hips, and back.You will find coverage for each category of sexual desire or even fetishes.

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